Do not turn back withiut doing these! Buyukada’s Events

Buyukada has become essential place for summer house vacationists and daytrippers with its closeness to Istanbul, its mystical atmosphere, its magnificent beaches. It opens its doors to you who like vocation with coast that you will have pleasure of Marmara Sea, you will taste seafoods while drinking your raki, with restaurants with sea view as you will find great traces of the history with its each aspect. You can prolong your vocation as accommodating in Buyukada’s hotels and hostels.

As you prolong your vocation, you can send your time on coasts and forresty areas. Buyukada Coasts protect their title to be cleanest region in Marmara Sea in each term. If you come by Buyukada on a day in order to sea in sea that you would find all tones of blue of Marmara Sea, to go to past with historical works and in order to have unforgettable days;

In Buyukada;

Do not turn back to your home without doing the following events!

  • See historical works and famous Buyukada houses,
  • Do raki-fish pleasure with sea view,
  • Do bicycle tour,
  • Drink a glass of wine on sun down,
  • Have barbeque on perfect picnic areas,
  • Drink tea in tea gardens,
  • Have phaeton tour,
  • Swim in beaches,
  • Walk in forest,
  • Drink a cup of coffee with sea view.

For an enjoyable vocation in Buyukada;
Have the following events as unforgettable;

  • Bicycle tour
  • Phaeton tour
  • Picnic
  • Swimming
  • Boat tour

Walk freely in streets that historical mansions are seen, buy ice cream in colors from Greek iceman, have pleased conversation in tea gardens. As getting benefit from Buyukada hotel options, prolong your vocation on the island. Stay for one more day in peaceful rooms, know the island closely.