Bicycle and Swimming Pleasures in Buyukada – Buyukada’s Events

When the summer comes, people of Istanbul moves to Buyukada in order to have sea pleasure that they miss. Because ideal coasts and bays that sea can be mostly had abd sport of swimming will be made are seen in Buyukada. People have a pleasure of swimming with sounds of birds, in peace. Buyukada’s bicycle tour provides different events to its guests with its calm beaches.

There is forbidden to use motor vehicles as being necessity of rules in Buyukada. Thus there are two transportation vehicles in the island. They are phaeton and bicycle. You can see places on many points in the center that they rent a bicycle and repair. You can go around the island as touring, smelling, taking photos by bicycle that you rent it for a certain time. Bicycle tours in Buyukada will provide you to know the region closely.

There are many places that you can go around during phaeton and bicycle tours which you will attend in Buyukada, you can take photos of then when you see them.

Büyükada Fayton

The direction for phaeton tour

  • Cankaya Avenue
  • Splendid Palas Hotel
  • Lunapark Square
  • Hotel Calypso
  • Buyukada Anadolu Club
  • Surp Asdvadzadzin Church
  • Eski Cankaya Hotel
  • Fabiato Mansion
  • Turing House
  • Con Pasa Mansion
  • Trocki House
  • Hacopolu Köşkü
  • Seferoglu (Azaryan) Mansion

For bicycle tour in Buyukada, you can get your bicycle from the bicycle renting shop whichever you wish and you can start your tour. Our suggestion to you not to go with the direction of phaeton tour. You might be disturbed of phaetons and you can go on in pleasure. You can follow tour roads of 12 and 14 km for bicycle tours.

Buyukada’s Beaches

Buyukada waits for you with its deep blue sea, its bays with the view of Istanbul and Buyukada’s clean beaches. Beaches that you will have pleasure of swimming in Buyukada are:

Kumsal Family Beach: it is the beach on the sandy road of Buyukada. It is one of calm places among Buyukada’s beahes that you can swim with your family.

Eskibag and Viranbag Beaches: it is a private beach with 150 persons that Eskibag Boutique Hotel operates it among Buyukada’s beaches. You can make an organisation such as wedding and party at its restaurant as you wish.

Yorukali Beach: it is one of most desolate beaches on the island. There are Motel rooms that you can hire daily, weekly, monthly and in season. There are hot water, balkon, satellite broadcast, mini bar and bath.

Prenses Bay Beach: on the beach with the capacity of 350 persons, it is serviced on food and accommodation.

Nakibey Beach: there is a lifeguard on the beach which has got a restaurant and buffet. The beach is open between 08:00 and 20:00 and has got a restaurant. Moreover, night reservations and boat tours are made for wedding, engagement and special celebrations.

Aya Nikola Public Beach: it is one of most waveless beaches among Buyukada’s beaches. It is quite ideal for those who do not know to swim.

Halik Bay:it is longest beach on the island. There is a night club on the giant beach with 400 persons. Halik Bay Buyukada beach is very crowded especially in summer.

Nizam Beach: it is a beach on Nizam Bay of the island. Entry is free. You can swim comfortably with your family on Nizam Beach.

When you come to Buyukada, you can have enjoyable moments on beaches and historical places. As hiring bicycle, you can have a tour during whole day or you can sunbathe on sands.