Ambulatories in Buyukada – Historical Places

There are many places to be visited and seen in Buyukada.  If you say where are visited in Buyukada,  you can visit historical places, you can attend in small or big phaeton tours,  can catch well photos as visiting mansions, , you can make joyous bicycle tour or you can enjoy the view as tasting sea foods at our hotel if you wish. You can keep you ambulatories’ list in Buyukada as wide as your wish.

You can have energetic time in picnic areas with your family,  you can make cultural events as visiting churches and monasteries, if you wish you can enjoy in sun as going around beaches. You can take photos as visiting the are where treasury of Philip who is father of Alexander the great is and you can take a historical adventure as listening to stories told.  Ambulatories in Buyukada are countless…

Ambulatories in Buyukada   which involves all colors of nature, is on a point that green and blue dance with each other and hosts for those who are bored of great cities, with its historical values,  monumental structures and unique places:

Hamidiye Mosque : it is a perfect structure that Abdulhamid II.  had it made in Buyukada during Ottoman Empire. Hamidiye Mosque which is extraordinary structure with historical stones,  engravings and perfect designs in it is one of most popular places to be visited on the island.

Adakule: It is at Yucetepe.  You can drink tea ,  eat food with view. It should be the main of your list for ambulatories in Buyukada.

Muslims’ Graveyard : Our another suggestion for ambulatories in Buyukada is Muslims’ Graveyard.  It is at Tepekoy.  Ahmed Refik Altinay, Sakir Pasa, Ibrahim Necmi Dilmen, Tahsin Nahid, Abdullah Pasa, Aliye Berger,  Ahmed Fehim, Mahmut Emin Koral and Dogan Avioglu lie herein.

Islands’ Museum : Islands’ Museum which is first modern city museum of Istanbul presents its story which has come from formation of Islands to the day with objects in hundreds,  20 thousands documents, 6 thousands photos, documentation shot, establishment collection which consist of film and verbal history records to its visitors.  Do not forget to add this place to your list for the tour of Buyukada.

Pier Building : It involves in ambulatories in Buyukada.  Even if it is one of oldest places on the island,  it has been renovated as being modernized. Firstly, Pier Building welcomes you on the island.

Dilburnu: It is in the west part of Buyukada. You can do a picnic here.

Mansions: They are 19. and 20. centuries’ wooden structures which reflector traditional Turkish architecture.  As Buyukada’s  mansions have witnessed to most beautiful acts in the history , it should be at your list of ambulatories in Buyukada.

Greek Orthodox Graveyard : If you say where are visited in Buyukada,  we say ,  do not forget Greek Orthodox Graveyard.  Empress Irene and Patrician Hrisantos lie herein. There are parts belonging to Armenians. They are on upper part of the road where Aya Nikola Monastery is.

Panayia (Mother Mary) Church: Mother Mary church which is known as carters in public language is one of areas that visitors visit mostly with its perfect structure.  Its perfect structure and many places such as belfry create influx of visiting. It should involve in your tour route for Buyukada.

Moreover,  ambulatories in Buyukada :

  • Resat Nuri Guntekin’s Home
  • Clock Towel
  • Beach of Prenses Bay
  • Yorukali Beach

A good vocation and unforgettable moments wait for you in Buyukada.  Do not go to the island without taking you list on ambulatories in Buyukada. ..